How to start a cleaning business

Complete Cleaning Company Package

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This is not an expensive franchise. You'll get the same knowledge, expertise and support that you'd get with a franchise (in fact, more than you would get with most franchises) - but without having to pay many thousands of pounds.

What's included?

  • A complete and thorough instruction manual - The 'Killer Question' that will win you business - FAST! Read more >>>

  • Contact Manager Software. A Complete Contact Manager System that will even write your letters for you! Read more >>>

  • A Document Library, containing over 700 documents, forms, letters and templates to help you run your business. Read more >>>

  • The 'Cleaning Contractors Business Plan Model'. Read more >>>

  • A complete set of Cleaning Risk Assessments. Read more >>>

  • A complete set of 'Cleaning Methods and Procedures' (also known as Method Statements). Read more >>>

  • The 'Cleaning Contractors Bid Model'. Read more >>>

OK - you're probably hesitating. That's understandable. Starting your own cleaning business is a big step. Before placing your order why not do a Google Search and look for Cleaning Franchises. You will not get this amount of information or support for anything less than 10,000 - anywhere.

How to start a cleaning business. How to win cleaning contracts. How to get cleaning contracts.