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If you don't want to order our complete package you can now order individual modules - just the bits that you need.

Please see below for individual pricing and to place your order.

Please Note: All of these products can be used in any country throughout the World!

Payment methods accepted: Credit Card/Debit Card/Paypal.

Once your payment has been processed, you will be sent a receipt by email and also a seperate email with your personal download link.

  Code Description Price  
Complete Cleaning Company Package TCS-D001W The Complete Cleaning Company Package. Everything you need to start and run a cleaning company. Read more >>> 69.00  
Contact Manager Software TCS-001CM Contact Manager Software - a Complete Sales Management system that will even write your letters for you! Read more >>> 29.00  
TCS-001 The 'Killer Question' that will win you business - FAST! A complete blueprint - how to build a business with a turnover of 432K in twelve months. Read More >>> 9.99  
Cleaning Contractors Bid Model TCS-D002 Download Version The Cleaning Contractors Bid Model. The easiest way to prepare your quotations. Read more >>> 29.00  
Cleaning Company Method Statements TCS-D003 Download Version Cleaning Industry Method Statements. Read more >>> 9.99  
Cleaning Industry Risk Assessments TCS-D004 Download Version Cleaning Industry Risk Assessments. Read more >>> 14.99  
Business Document Library TCS-D005 Download Version Business Document Library - a complete set of over 700 documents, forms, letters and templates for your business. Read more >>> 37.00
Cleaning Contractors Business Plan Model TCS-D008 Download Version Cleaning Contractors Business Plan Model. Read more >>> 29.00  
Cleaning Contractors Bid Model TCS-D009 Download Version

Cost Data Analysis - Tool to assist with  accurate contract costing - unlocked version. Read more >>>

TCS-D010 Download Version

How To Win Friends And Influence People (Audio Version + .pdf file) - Dale Carnegie. Read more >>>


Please Note: The above products are delivered as a 'zip' (compressed) file. If you do not already have a suitable extraction utility, you can download one free of charge from our website by clicking on the link below.

The above file and all of our 'download' products have been scanned and are guaranteed to be free from viruses and malware.